Our Team

Our constant goal is to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent available. However, at times, even the most talented individuals need a little help finding their way. At Octane Capital Investment, we open our doors to professionals of all orientations, races, abilities, genders, and life experiences. In addition, we offer an accommodating and flexible work environment so that our associates can maximize their effectiveness at home, at work, and within their communities. At the same time, we encourage and sponsor employee networks that build on our diversity and inclusion strategy. These networks, called Business Resource Groups (BRGs), promote individual professional development, while helping the company achieve its business objectives.Our diverse and talented employees are committed to helping people and companies attain financial wellness through our innovative products and financial solutions. Whether working with multinational corporations or individual families, we are dedicated to helping create financial strength today and security for tomorrow.

Archibald Winston Alfie
In The Role of Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency Investment. In addition; Mr Archibald Winston Alfie served on The Real Estate Team Committee for the key Values Of Octane Capital Investment (ZLO). •Our CORE Purpose is to grow your Bitcoin no matter the fluctuations of Crypto, in order to keep our standard As We Oath. INVEST WITH Octane Capital Investment NOW FOR A GREATER FUTURE.

Gretchen Abraham
Gretchen Abraham.E is the Chief investment officer. (CIO) Having worked for over 9 years in the assets management industry, Gretchen Abraham.brings wealth of investment experience, and extensive technical skill set and valuable knowledge of global markets to her role as Chief investment officer for Octane Capital Investment. Gretchen Abraham joined standards life investment on 2017 and was appointed as chief investment officer included as the oversight of investment activities in both public and private markets.

Mr Walter Günter
Mr Walter Günter is the chief financial officer of Octane Capital Investment. He sees to the affair of overall risk management, financial planning and reporting, financial control, SEC Compliance, Taxation, and Investors relations for Zenithlinkopportunity, Mr Walter Günter became a member of Zenithlinkopportunity in 2018 as firm prepared to become an independent, Günter Walter graduated from pace university in Germany with BBA in accounting, and receive an in corporate finance from Germany.

Sheung Zhi
Sheung Zhi has spent the last 7 years deepening his knowledge of cryptocurrencies. He started his professional career in the technology sector, working for Google directly at the university in the technical support position, and then moved to account management positions on CMO. After arriving in UK, he worked alone for five years mining and investing in cryptocurrencies. He is passionate about Blockchain.

Chaoxiang Boqin Chao
Chaoxiang Boqin Chao Is The Chief marketing officer of Octane Capital Investment. He is also Overseeing Multi-Asset Strategies and Global Fixed Income and renewable energy development activities, operations, prominent Entrepreneur.

Gladys Babbeth Marion
Gladys Babbeth Marion is The Chief marketing administrator of Octane Capital Investment, with more than 5 years of experience in Forex and stock market exchange.

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